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Special-designed D400 Manhole Cover

  • 2020/10/19

Fuel Station / Watertight Manhole Cover

1. This series of manhole cover was designed to achieve a bearing capacity higher than the standard EN124 D400 and completely watertight. Our company make high-quality sheet moulding composite by advanced sheet production lines, and we have industry-leading lightweight design to meet lightweight but heavy duty requirements of fiberglass manhole covers.

2. SMC manhole covers have good performance on high-density, strong resistance to pressure, bending resistance, impact resistance, heat and cold resistance, abrasion and aging resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and not easy to cause deformation.

3. For the sealing rings at present, we mainly use EPDM, with anti-leakage function, including to prevent the rainwater seep into, sewage overflow and smell out. It’s able to solve the noise generated by passing vehicles to prevent noise pollution and environmental pollution.

D400 Manhole Cover

D400 Manhole Cover with Anti-theft & Double-layer Design

1. The specially designed double-layer manhole cover is patented as a utility model, that’s because our factory is always committed to developing new technology.

2. Most of SMC manhole covers are equipped with anti-theft lock devices and opening holes or lifting handle. The main cover and well base are connected by means of clamshell.

3, Double cover design is useful when the main cover damaged sub-cover can also play a temporary buffer role, to prevent falling danger.There are two handles on the sub-cover that can be opened directly without other auxiliary tools, and there are four leakage holes to prevent water from filling up.

D400 Manhole Cover

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