Quartz Kitchen Sinks

  • 2020-08-16

When it comes to the first impression of quartz stone, the intuitive impression to a lot of people is mostly platform.Once because the price of quartz stone is too high to be used on a large scale, and now with the continuous improvement of quartz stone manufacturers research and development level and production technology, quartz stone has been more applied to the ground, walls, modeling and even to outdoor decoration.

As the kitchen countertop material is commonly used with quartz stone, but the cupboard sink,the material is mostly stainless steel or ceramic, that’s why I want you to know more about artificial quartz kitchen sink.

The sink plays an important role in the kitchen. This most frequently used kitchen appliance is also an easy place to hide dirt and bacteria. Accumulated scratches, solid dirt, difficult to take care of, once installed not easy to remove and replacement, then it becomes a headache.

Quartz kitchen sink is actually made of artificial quartz material, it can be rich modeling, color diversity, soft feel, even including natural texture tone and metal color, very attractive, the most importance is to be able to combine perfectly with quartz stone counter-tops.

Comparison of quartz kitchen sink with 304 stainless steel sink and other materials:

1. The hardness of quartz is close to diamond, can be up to 7 degrees of Mohmer's hardness, and quartz content in the quartz water tank can reach 93%, so the knife scraper and other sharp tools in the kitchen, more anti-slip, anti-wipe. The artificial quartz kitchen sink has more than 80% quartz composition.

2. Quartz is a refractory material, melting point can reach 1300 degrees, usually in the use of completely do not worry about hot water will cause deformation, damage to the tank.

3. Quartz stone has good acid resistance, alkali resistance and other corrosion resistance performance, even if the acid food is very corrosive, will not corrosion water tank.

4. Do not absorb water, do not stick oil, do not permeate color, and ordinary liquid is not easy to infiltrate, do not occur yellowing, discoloration, oxidation, corrosion phenomenon, cleaning is very convenient and fast.

5. The smooth surface of the quartz, the structure of the material itself allows the bacteria nowhere to hide, safe, non-toxic and non-radiation.

6. The quartz kitchen sink in the use is more quiet, and less noise when collision with utensils and water.

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